Born in Cimahi West Java on November 21st as the third child of Mr. H. Yusuf Muhammad and (the late) Mrs. Sri Setyaningsih, Andrea Adhikartika – my full name – had spent most of my childhood in Magelang. I attended my elementary to high school in this beautiful little town. My passion to art, especially to music has been developed at my very early age. For my 3rd birthday, my father gave me two albums: Meriam Bellina and jazz singer Happy Pretty, my father’s favorite artists. Ever since, my passion to music had been grown up.

I’ve been listening to radio since my years in elementary school. And the opportunity to be a radio announcer was happened coincidently. In 1995, I was appointed by my school (SMA Negeri 3 Magelang) to be its representative in a discussion group on Independence Day at Radio POLARIS. I then got an offer to join as a teen radio announcer, the offer that I- of course, accepted gratefully. After graduated from the High School and moved to Jogja, I continue fulfilling my passion in broadcasting world by becoming a co-founder of Radio PRAMBORS JOGJA in 2004 (the time that I voted as Jogja’s favorite announcer by On-Air Magazine’s) , became the Music and Program Director of FeMale Radio in 2005 until 2008. My radio carrier continues, become a Program Manager of 100, 9 FMRadio JogjaFamily until today.

Once again, the coincidence speaks out loud. In 2003, Arya Nurdika – one of the senior producers at TVRI Jogjakarta,  created a singing program in the television titled Karaoke On TV”(KOT) . For some reason, one of the presenters had to moved to Jakarta. To replace him, the offer went to me and I accepted it. Apparently, this opportunity has become my fate. With Dhianika Lukitasari(Kiki), I continue attending to the program until this very day. Other than KOT, my experiences in television includes: finalist of “Menuju Layar Liputan 6 SCTV 2005” a contest of finding a new news anchor conducted by SCTV, one of the national television stations; conducts as presenter of music program “Musik Jazz” at TVRI and some other programs.

At the period around the end of 90’s and early year 2000 was the era for live music in Jogjakarta. Almost all of public places such as pub, café, and lounge put live music on their stages. This was the time when E’Snanas, Geronimo Band, G-Coustic (later become Jikustik) rocked the stages. It was then, when Jikustik stopped playing in those places and had to make an album, me and my band :Candles had to replaced them in Java Cafe and become the new icon of live music in Jogja. People came and fill up the café, lounge or pub where Candles were on stage with their Top 40 songs. Later, when the members of my band had become busy with their own affairs, I keep my passion alive by continuing solo carrier as a singer at the wedding, dinner or solo piano at a lounge.

As written on my Twitter accountt, I just want to be a soulful Broadcastainer. With capital “B” . It’s just my own term of being a good Broadcaster and Entertainer. Two things that I love so much. Two things that I always put my heart in.